Stéfani Warning: My Tour SP Journey

Stéfani Warning: Spinning from the comfort of your home Bluefin Fitness

My Tour SP: My Spinning Journey

When using a home gym spin bike, you’re not only able to determine WHEN you train, but also HOW. What I particularly love about home fitness is that you’re not tied to any group classes. You’re also totally in charge of the duration of your workout, your posture and the pace of your ride.

During my home workouts, I often opt for endurance and/or strength training with my Bluefin Fitness TOUR SP Spin Bike, where I focus on increasing my stamina and burning body fat. To achieve this, I either cycle at a steady pace, where my goal focuses on the number of kilometres I cycle. Or I cycle via interval training where I quickly change speed and strength through the workout, which really gets my heart racing!

Stéfani Warning: Spinning from the comfort of your home Bluefin Fitness


The Warm-up

I start every training session with a warm-up. To do so, I sit down on the Bluefin Fitness TOUR SP Spin Bike and turn the dial to light resistance, keeping my hands close to one another on the handlebars. I cycle at a steady pace for about five minutes, just to get the heart pumping faster and my body warmed up.

The Tour SP Spin Training

I adore spinning as it’s a very diverse workout with a variety of activities, speeds and resistance levels


Stéfani Warning: Spinning from the comfort of your home

For example, when I cycle on the equivalent of a flat road, I keep my resistance light to ensure I’m pedalling at a nice and easy pace. Just like with the warm-up, I keep my hands close to one another on the handlebars. My fingers completely clamp onto the handlebars so that I have a good grip. I also sometimes alternate my hand positioning to keep it interesting.

To make the workout more challenging, however, I change into a standing position on the Tour SP. My body is raised just above the saddle, and I keep the rest of my body still whilst continuing to look straight ahead. This is a perfect position to train the leg muscles. Believe me; you’ll definitely feel it in your glutes after!

When I want to climb up a large hill or a mountain, I stand up. I call this the ‘dance position’. My backside is raised above the saddle, and my hands are on the top of the handlebars. With my fingers completely clamped around the handlebars, I have a better grip to stay in position. For good posture, I keep my arms slightly bent, tighten my stomach and keep my shoulders low.

The nice thing about spinning is that you can make every workout different. If you want to cycle on a flat road or if you prefer cycling up a hill or even a mountain…you have a whole host of options where everything is possible. 

You can also take part in online virtual workouts! Link the Bluefin Fitness TOUR SP Bike to Kinomap and cycle around the world from the comfort of home. You’ll cycle through beautiful landscapes while following the instructions of the coaches. It’s the ideal solution if you struggle to stay motivated. The beautiful environment, the music, and the possibility to compete with others give you an extra boost to keep going. It sure helped me!

Bluefin Fitness XP

The Cooldown

After the training, I cycle at a leisurely pace with a comfortable resistance for another five minutes. After I get off the spin bike, I finish off with some stretching exercises to ensure that I take care of my muscles.

If you’d like to know more about my experiences with the Bluefin Fitness TOUR SP Bike, take a look at this blog post:

About me: My name is Stéfani Warning. I changed my lifestyle from “couch potato” to “fitmom”, and my quest has grown into a passion for healthy living. I blog about everything to do with healthy living and hope to inspire others to make more conscious choices. Follow me at @stefani_getsfit or

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