Once dispatched, you will be sent tracking information via email. This will be sent to the email address used to place the order and should be sent to you within one week of ordering so keep an eye out in your junk/spam folder.

If you have a free gift or more than one product on the order then these will be sent separately. They will be dispatched at different times and there will individual tracking numbers provided for each parcel sent out to you. Any free gifs on the order will delivered after your main item so don’t worry if this takes a longer to reach you, it’s on its way!

If you need to change the delivery address that was confirmed on the order then you can email our support team with the new address. If the order has already began processing then the request to divert the parcel can then be sent to the courier. We sadly can not guarantee this will be carried out by the courier but we will try our best to have it reach its intended destination.

A confirmation email should be sent within around 15 minutes of the order being made on the website. If an email isn’t received then please contact our Support Team and they can confirm the status of the order.

If you no longer want your order then you will need to email our support team regarding this. If your order is already on its way to you as it could not be cancelled, then you must refuse the delivery or the returns postage will need to be covered by you. Our Support Team can provide full guidance on the cancellation and returns process however once you reach out to them.

You can return unwanted and unused goods to us during the specified extended returns period. The postage back to us is paid by the customer but you must contact the Support Team first to authorise the return. Any free gifts on the order must also be returned in order to receive a full refund. Although we would not expect there to be any issues with the goods, should there be any problems then our Support Team can arrange a free return and replace or refund the order as required.

As of the 1st November, we will offer an extended Christmas returns period meaning any purchases from this time can be returned until the 31st January for a full refund should they are unused and in the original packaging.

If you ordered via an authorised retailer such as Amazon and have a warranty enquiry then our support team can help with this. If you need assistance with a delivery or payment query then we recommend sending your request direct via the site you made the order.


Vibration plates work by creating vibrations on the plate; it moves at varying levels of intensity causing your muscles to contract and relax. However, compared to your usual workout, vibration plates causes your muscles to work at a much quicker rate. This means that exercises and stretches are more efficient and effective.

There have been many scientific studies to show the benefits of vibration plates and that they do actually work. Don’t get us wrong, you will need to use your plate consistently and couple it with a healthy balanced diet; but you will see results if used correctly.

In short, yes. The vibration plate technology has been proven to help users lose weight. Using your plate for 10 minutes each day, coupled with a healthy balanced diet, will result in weight loss and it has done for many of our happy customers.

We are not medical professionals, and we would always recommend consulting your doctor before using a vibration plate if you have any known pre-existing medical conditions.

Of course! We recommend 10 minutes every day, and each plate has handy preset 10-minute programs to make your daily workout easier than ever.

We get asked this a lot – they’re for the black hand cables that come with your vibration plate. You can use either for different stretches and exercises and allow you to use the plate in different positions.

Each vibration plate has slightly different preset modes, so please check out the user manuals on the product page for a full explanation of what each preset program is for, on that specific model.

We have designed our plates to be as compact and light as possible. We want you to be able to workout wherever and whenever you want to. We have incorporated a ridge underneath which allows you to easily transport the plate. We do not have any wheels/castors on our plates, but if it’s something you think we should add, just Contact Us.

The easiest way to compare vibration plates is to look at the HZ range that they offer. The higher the Hz (vibrations per second) the more intense the workout will be.

We provide a set of resistance bands have a different resistance strength (some easier to stretch than others). Each provides a workout level suitable for a variety of different exercises and stretches. You can incorporate them into your vibration plate routine, following our workout poster for a more intense and muscle focused workout.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Ensure your device has Bluetooth turned on and the device is .discoverable’.
  2. Turn your Bluefin Vibration Plate ON. The Bluetooth automatically turns on once the vibration plate has powered up.
  3. The vibration plate will now appear in the Bluetooth devices list on your phone or tablet – You are now connected to the plate and are ready to go!


The FitShow App is pre-calibrated to synchronise with your smartphone mobile or tablet device. Track & analyse your running performance & journey by measuring speed, distance, time & heart-rate. You can share your data & compete with friends via social media to push the boundaries of your fitness goals. Simply download from the app store, open the app and wait for the treadmill to show up.

The heart-rate monitor chest band is included, enabling you to track your pulse frequency to an even greater level of accuracy. The monitor synchronises with your LCD and/or FitShow App & is fully size-adjustable. The treadmill also benefits from two in-built heart-rate sensors on the hand-rail.

Speed, yes. Incline, sadly not. The preset programs have been designed specifically based on the determined inclines to give you the best workout. The speed can be adjusted if you want to give yourself an easier or tougher workout – the choice is yours.

Our customer feedback has conveyed that the treadmill is pretty simple to construct. We recommend two people work together to assemble the unit and follow through the instructions step by step. There’s a 3-step instruction guide in our manual which demonstrates clearly which parts need to go where, so there’s less time building and more time running.

The treadmill track easily lifts & folds away for compact storage when not in use. When folded, the treadmill is 145cm, so there’s plenty of room to store it even in small spaces.