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It’s high time that the stigma surrounding cardio workouts is changed. Imagine actually looking forward to a heart-pounding cardio session? And imagine being able to actually fit in cardio training around your lifestyle – we’re talking no more extended trips to the gym or even battling the elements outside. It sounds almost un-doable, right?

Well, we’re here to tell you that not only can you enjoy your cardio workouts, but you’ll also be super motivated to train regularly with the Tour XP exercise bike’s interactive features. That means no more workouts becoming a daily chore! Gasp!

So read on, and we’ll tell you exactly why the Tour XP exercise bike is more than a workout. It’s an experience.

Kinomap Kinomap Kinomap

We’ll say it again: Kinomap!! For those of you who haven’t yet heard of Kinomap and its versatile interactive training software, then you’re in for a real treat!

The Tour XP exercise bike, alongside all of Bluefin Fitness’ exercise bikes, treadmills, rowers and elliptical machines, are Kinomap compatible. So expect to bring your training to life with an added layer of immersive training, as the Kinomap workout videos adapt to your speed and surroundings within your chosen Tour XP workout. Making you feel like you’re cycling and heading towards the finish in real-time!  

And, get ready for it, the choice of virtual interactive workouts is almost limitless! Choose between cycling, running and rowing virtual workouts, as well as coaching and even competitor events! With the Kinomap community constantly growing, multiplayer events and competitions are becoming increasingly popular. And what better way to keep motivated than to train with a little competitiveness and a sprinkle of accountability from a fitness community?! 

24/7 Training, Worldwide and At Your Pace!

Ever wanted to cycle past the Arc de Triomphe or cycle part of the Tour de France routes? Amongst many, many other routes around the world, Kinomap provides you with the opportunity to take your workouts on a global journey! We’re talking over 100,000 workout videos from 90+ countries, that’s regularly being added to! So if you’re looking to completely transform your home fitness training, look no further.

With a quick tap on the country you’re interested in, you’ll soon find all sorts of routes that you can jump on, whether this is a quick 20 minute spin or a much longer adventure! One of the best parts is not only can you virtually travel around the world, but you have 24/7 access to all of the videos. So ‘virtually’ nothing can stand in your way!

But let’s not forget, Kinomap doesn’t just offer you a wide variety of workouts. It also features a personal dashboard where you can keep track of your fitness progress, by measuring the distance, time, speed and heart rate of each workout. So get setting those goals and get ready to quickly see some improvement! 

Perfect For Home Fitness 

Don’t have enough room to swing a cat? Don’t worry! You won’t be receiving a huge bulky piece of equipment that soon becomes a coat hanger in your home! The Tour XP has been purpose-built with a slim, yet, durable design, and we’re talking about reinforced steel so the exercise bike can really take everything that you throw at it!

But aside from its robust engineering, is its simple folding design, allowing you to pop up and dismantle the Tour XP within seconds! Meaning that the exercise bike’s compact features allow you to workout anytime, anywhere, and easily store away after use. 

So say no more to fitness equipment that gets in the way of your home space. This bike is designed to be safely stored away and out of sight after use.

If you’re looking for more than a bulky home exercise bike that you won’t quickly get bored of. Then let the Tour XP with its Kinomap interactive workouts take your training to the next level! Let’s enjoy working out again! 

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