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Bluefin 4D Vibration Plate

Our dual motor vibration plate with 3 silent drive motors


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MODEL – 4D Vibration plate
4D Motion
– 3 silent drive motors deliver Vibration, Oscillation and Micro Vibration, separately, together, or all three at the same time! Bluefin’s 4D vibration plate gives you a workout like no other.
Intuitive LED Stop Light System – Ultra bright LEDs tell you how intensely you’re working with Red, Orange and Green. Check your fitness progress with a glance.
Loads of intelligent workout Options – 3 carefully designed program options and 7 challenging manual combinations for great variety. Just 10 minutes is sufficient for a full 4D workout.
Cutting Edge User Friendly Technology – Bluetooth 4.0 speakers for crisp & clear sound, ergonomic + wearable remote control, easy to use control panel & settings keep your body challenged without confusing you.