When should I use my massager gun?

Bluefin massager gun

So you’ve read about the fantastic benefits of a massager gun, you know which attachment to use to target each muscle… But when SHOULD you be using your Bluefin Fitness DRUMM massager gun?

Most likely, you’ve heard of the advantages of using your massager gun to help speed up muscle recovery post-workout, but when is the optimum time to activate your muscles and get the most out of your training?

Let’s walk you through your options:

Before your workout

It’s not often you think of your massager gun as anything other than a post-workout recovery tool. But if you’re looking to boost your exercise performance significantly, consider using your massager gun BEFORE training.

Think of it as warming up your muscles before a workout. You wouldn’t go straight into any intense exercise without at least stretching first, right?! Well, we’ve got good news for you! A quick blast of the DRUMM will increase blood flow to your target muscle group much quicker than any typical warm-up stretches, helping your muscles work out harder for longer! This increase in blood flow will help your muscles recover quickly, leading to an acceleration of muscular gains!

Just 30 seconds of moving the DRUMM back and forth across your target muscle group will help prepare your body to perform at its very best, time and time again.

During your workout

Have you ever been in the middle of your workout and felt your muscles tense up? Did you need to stretch it out for a few minutes, later attempting to get back into your training? 

Well, fear not… As a quick 15-30 second blast of your DRUMM across any tense muscles will reduce muscular strain. Allowing you to jump straight back into your exercise in under a minute

So no more increasing rest time between sets or even losing your weight bench at the gym! Gasp! As with your DRUMM massage gun nearby, you can quickly stimulate increased blood circulation into your tense muscles. This will boost your workout performance and, ultimately, ensure that your body is always working out safely.

After your workout

Similar to the benefits of using the DRUMM massager gun before and during your workout, using your massage gun after any training will increase your blood flow around your target muscles. But instead, it will aid quick muscle recovery and reduce DOMs! So get ready to move your foam roller to the side, as the DRUMM’s impressive percussion therapy will stimulate deep within your skin tissue. Which will considerably lessen any muscle tension and inflammation, as well as halving your recovery time.

But unlike the previously recommended 15-30 seconds, your post-workout massage gun blast should be around 90 to 120 seconds for each muscle group. This guarantees your body has enough time to relax after being in a heightened state. This extra time activates the body’s recovery mode and removes the lactic acid build-up from your tired muscles.

So, there we have it, a full rundown of when you can use your massager gun. Ensuring you get the best results out of every workout! 

If you’re now on the search for a professional-grade massager gun that will transform your workouts: Before, During, and After, look no further than the Bluefin Fitness DRUMM.

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