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So you’ve heard us mention Kinomap, but have you heard what the platform can offer you? Recognised for its interactive features and over 100,000 workout videos from 90 countries (and counting). Kinomap’s ability to increase your workout motivation and fitness performance is limitless.

Instantly pair your Kinomap app with Bluefin Fitness’s Home Gym treadmills, exercise bikes and rowing machines via Bluetooth (that are ALL compatible with the app). And let’s get you started on taking your workouts to the next level!

The Kinomap Experience

Now let’s get down to the ‘nitty gritty’ of the workouts on offer:

Train all over the world!

With outdoor and real-time videos, you’re able to virtually run/walk/ride/row past some of the most iconic monuments and exciting routes in the world. Who said you couldn’t jog past the Arc de Triomphe or row through London’s River Thames during a rainy lunchtime at home?

And accessing the Kinomap community’s uploaded videos is super easy! Simply click the country you want to exercise in on the Worldwide Map and get started on a new outdoor adventure right away! Even more exciting is that video uploads can be submitted by any member of the Kinomap community. So why not get yourself outside and challenge other users by recording your local exercise routes?

Currently, there are over 289, 374 km of courses available to try!

Structured Kinomap workouts

Deemed as Kinomap’s most stimulating feature, ‘Coaching’ workouts are a quick and easy way to really get your heart pumping. And with options such as Interval training, FTP (Functional Threshold Power for our cycling enthusiasts), and many more structured workout videos uploaded regularly. You really have the chance to reach your full fitness potential here.

So if you’re looking for that extra push to workout? Jump on your Bluefin Home Gym Equipment and let’s get choosing the level of coaching that best suits your needs! 

Multiplayer Mode: 

Always stay motivated by choosing the app’s ‘Multiplayer Mode,’ where you can train or compete alongside your friends for the ultimate fitness test! With the Kinomap community constantly growing, multiplayer events and competitions are becoming increasingly popular. 

Perhaps you’d be willing to take up the challenge of weekly ‘Wednesday Cycling’? Or even participate in ‘European Tour 2021,’ where the top 10 on the leaderboard win state-of-the-art prizes! There’s nothing better than a bit of healthy competition to get you training at your best after all!

But let’s not forget, the Kinomap App doesn’t only offer you a wide variety of workouts. It also features a personal dashboard where you can keep track of your fitness progress by measuring the distance, time, speed and heart rate of each workout. What’s not to love?

Join the worldwide fitness community by downloading the Kinomap app today. And let’s start unlocking your fitness potential. 

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