Introducing the Tour XP Exercise Bike: Train like a pro at home!

Bluefin tour xp exercise bike

Spin classes on hold, unpredictable weather, struggling to make time to hit the gym. Whatever the reason, don’t let anything stand in the way of your training! Here’s introducing the Bluefin Fitness Tour XP exercise bike. Get ready to stay consistent with your workouts, lose weight and tone up, all when it suits you from home.

Benefit from the Tour XP’s low impact, high intensity cardio training, burning anywhere between 400 to 500 calories an hour. And who doesn’t want to strengthen their heart and increase their lung capacity with a heart-pumping cardiovascular workout? But what really sets the Tour XP exercise bike apart is no matter your busy schedule, it’s purpose-built to be ready for when working out SUITS YOU!

A Stronger You From Home!

Designed with a heavy-duty reinforced steel frame, the Tour XP is durable enough to withstand your most intense training sessions, time and time again. So whether you’re an exercise bike novice or an advanced peddler, the Tour XP exercise bike is ready and waiting to help push you through your most challenging workouts!

Featuring 8 x adjustable resistance settings, get ready to create a stronger YOU from home by building muscle and increasing stamina simultaneously! Hitting your dream fitness goals with the Tour XP’s variety of resistance based training will soon become a reality! All you have to do is jump on the bike and start pedalling, and you’ll soon be on your way to training like a pro!

Also including an LCD console, heart rate sensors and a waterproof, ergonomic seat, the Tour XP will support you through your most challenging training sessions. Just remember to give the seat a quick wipe down after your strenuous exercise! 

Quiet, Powerful & Compact

Making the Tour XP exercise bike a ‘must-have’ for your home fitness space, is its professional-grade belt drive and anti-slip pedals; providing you with an ultra-smooth pedalling motion which:

  1. Protects your joints,
  2. Ensures minimal noise disturbance,
  3. And it’s entirely maintenance free

So prepare to have zero worries working out at home – I mean, can you imagine it?! Nobody will ever hear you peddling away, and you’ll never experience the hassle of future maintenance problems! It’s a win-win!

Also engineered with a simple folding design, the exercise bike is assembled and dismantled within seconds! The Tour XP’s compact features allow you to workout anytime, anywhere, and easily store away after use. Making it perfect for any home, no matter how little space you have to train in.

Kinomap App Compatible

Prepare to always be motivated to workout from home with the Tour XP’s compatibility with the Kinomap App, and its interactive workout features. The Kinomap App’s immersive home workout options allow you to choose between virtually cycling around the world – including some impressive landmarks, taking part in competitions, training with coaches, cycling with friends….and the list keeps on growing!

So if you’re looking to bring your home workouts to life – and let’s be honest, we all need a bit of healthy competition at times – look no further! Only requiring a smartphone or tablet to download the app. You’ll be well on your way to monitoring your workout progress and being a part of the Kinomap fitness community in no time!

So get your motivation vamped up and ready to train better and smarter than you ever have before. The Tour XP is on sale now! Check out our product page on

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