Curv Mini Elliptical Stepper: Workout at your desk!

Bluefin mini elliptical stepper

Working fitness into your everyday lifestyle is difficult! So here at Bluefin Fitness, we’ve designed a way to provide you with a lower body workout without having to leave your chair. Interested in hearing more? Well, let us introduce you to the: Bluefin Fitness Curv Mini Elliptical Stepper. 

Perfect for those too busy for a full-on gym session, people with limited mobility looking to keep active, and for those looking to aid recovery. The Curv Mini elliptical stepper is suitable for EVERYONE, regardless of age and fitness ability. Simply sit down and start pedalling yourself fit!

Your Home Workout, Your Way

Providing a high-quality, low-impact seated cardio workout, the Curv Mini helps to burn calories and build muscle with minimal hassle. Just place the elliptical stepper in front of your feet, whether under your office desk or in front of the TV, and you’ll on your way to improving your fitness in no time!

And with 8 x adjustable resistance levels to choose from, YOU stay in control of your workout at all times. Maybe your exercise goals are to hit 10,000 steps a day. Or even to crank up the tension and improve your muscle tone. Either way, you’re in charge of tailoring the training to suit you! 

Built To Fit Into Busy & Sedentary Lifestyles

Featuring a cutting-edge elliptical design, the Curv Mini stepper conveniently fits under any desk or table surface, guaranteeing that your knees never hit the tabletop! More impressively, the ultra-smooth pedalling motion applies minimal pressure on your joints, protecting them throughout every training session. Consequently, this ensures that long hours sat behind a computer screen or watching Netflix episodes back to back, will be your healthiest and most productive yet!

And making the Curv Mini ideal for a home workout is the advanced 6.5kg flywheel motor and wide anti-slip pedals. Together these features have been expertly curated to create minimal noise disturbance, no matter how hard you train! So feel free to get pedalling through a film or conference call, in full confidence that no one will be any the wiser to your elliptical workout!

Fitness Tech to Take Your Elliptical Stepper Training To The Next Level

As well as this, get ready to kickstart your training motivation with the Curv Mini’s compatibility to the Kinomap App. You can participate in competitions, train with coaches, and even virtually pedal through some of the world’s most iconic landmarks. Fancy pedalling past the Arc de Triomphe on a rainy Tuesday afternoon? Count us in!

Also being FitShow App compatible, the Curv Mini elliptical stepper allows you to track your progress on your smart devices. So get setting your goals and you’ll be reaching those fitness achievements that you’d only ever dreamt about!

So if you’re looking to fit in some exercise without having to change your lifestyle or compromise any time spent working, or even with your family, why not give the Curv Mini elliptical stepper a try?

Our Curv Mini is on sale right now and is part of our forward-thinking Bluefin Fitness Curv Elliptical range.

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