Curv Mini Elliptical Stepper – Designed for busy lifestyles!

Bluefin elliptical stepper

With the world as it is, it’s become harder than ever to fit exercise into our everyday lifestyles. With many of us having to share the same home space as an office, relaxation area, and a gym. It’s no wonder we’re struggling to keep up our fitness regimes!

Here at Bluefin Fitness, we have a whole range of gym-quality, home fitness equipment that’ll instantly transform your body as well as your workouts. However, what if you really don’t have time for a home workout right now? Not even a 20 minutes blast on the treadmill or a solid chest day train on the weights bench? 

Well, we’ve taken this into account and have crafted the purpose-built Bluefin Fitness Curv Mini Elliptical Stepper. There’s no need to change your lifestyle to fit in a workout, as the Mini Stepper fits in with you! 

If You’re Working From Home:

If long hours in front of the computer screen are your typical 9-5, you may feel that you don’t have the time, energy or motivation to squeeze in a daily workout. But what if we told you that our Curv Mini elliptical stepper provides a low-impact exercise that’ll help boost your energy levels and your productivity. All while you’re working away at your desk? 

Designed to fit under any table or desk with its elliptical design, the Mini Curv brings you an aerobic cardio workout. Which tones your leg muscle and even assists in helping you lose weight. And with the addition of the professional-grade 6.5kg flywheel motor and ultra-smooth pedalling motion, guaranteeing a ‘whisper quiet’ workout. You’ll be discreetly pedalling away through meetings without anyone being any the wiser!

If You’re The Busy Parent:

Maybe you’re homeschooling one minute, making lunch the next, then it’s bath time…where do the days go? And as much as you’re constantly ‘on the go’, you’re not receiving full a full lower body workout while running around after the children, right?

Our Curv Mini elliptical stepper ensures that you don’t need to compromise any time spent with your children because as long as you’re seated, you can pedal yourself fit! And with the Curv Mini being compact and easy to move around the house, you’ll never be restricted to where you can workout. So whether it’s reading time in the living room or if you’re watching over bath time. You’ll always have the option to fit in exercise when it suits you! 

And don’t forget, when it’s time to pack up for the day, it’ll take two seconds to store the Curv Mini away. So get ready to save space as well as time with this elliptical stepper!

If You Spend A Large Part Of Your Day On The Sofa:

Maybe you have limited mobility, you’re recovering from a leg injury, or you’re just having a day off. The Curv Mini can keep you active from the comfort of your sofa! So whether you’ve planned a day of uninterrupted Netflix episodes, reading, knitting, catching up with friends and family on the phone. The Curv Mini is your perfect companion to hitting your fitness goals! And the best part is that you’ll be so engrossed in your activity, you won’t even realise that you’re working out. Or even that you’re burning around 300 – 400 calories every hour!

The elliptical stepper gently strengthens your muscles without causing too much strain or impact; keeping your joints protected throughout the workout. Making it ideal for those looking to slowly build up their training while also looking after their body simultaneously. 

So if you’re looking for a gentle workout that’s easy to fit in, tones your leg muscles and keeps you active, look no further than the Curv Mini Elliptical Stepper. Designed for those either too busy to fit in exercise or looking to keep active from a chair. By introducing the Curv Mini into your home today, you’ll guarantee that no obstacles stand in your way from keeping fit and active!

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