Who cannot use vibration plates?

As with all fitness equipment and activities, there are certain things that should be understood before taking part. We recommend that all users of our vibration plates consult a GP before they use a power plate of any kind. In this blog post we look at who cannot use a vibration plate, who can and how it has benefited our customers.

Always talk to your GP

Although there are a great many benefits to using a vibration plate in your workout routine, including increased circulation and muscle toning. People with certain health conditions may be advised not to utilise a vibration plate. Therefore, we always suggest that if you have any doubt about your vibration plate usage you should consult your GP.

Pregnancy and Vibration Plates

There is a lot of debate surrounding the subject. Although clinical studies concerning the effects of vibrating machines during pregnancy are lacking, we recommend consulting your GP on this matter.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you think you might be someone who cannot use a vibration plate, then seek medical advice.

Who can use a Vibration Plate?

Now we have looked at who cannot use a vibration plate, let’s look at who can.

Power plates or vibration plates can be used for many different reasons. With the plate sending high-speed and varied vibrations through your body your muscles are stimulated at a much higher rate than usual.

Here are some of the things that people use our Vibration Plates for:

– Targeting fat stores, promoting weight loss
– Easing muscle tension from inactivity
– Toning and increasing muscle mass
– Increasing bone mass and mineral density
– Improving circulation
– Boosting the reduction in cellulite

What our Bluefin Fitness customers think…

We LOVE reviews from our Vibration Plate users. It is great to see people experiencing positive results and even experiencing relief from aches and pains they have had. We have collected some here:

Sherrie Crawford – 4D Vibration Plate:

“The 4D really helped loosen my back and ease the pain that I have felt every day for years! The range of settings is good for any fitness level or requirements.”

Anon – Slim Vibration Plate:

“My vibration plate has really helped with the pain in my legs and also improved my circulation.”

Beth Hogberg – 3D Vibration Plate:

“Have had the 3D for only a few days, and I love it so far. My legs really feel it, and even after a few days, I feel a little stronger going up and down the stairs. Customer Service is quick and responsive Highly recommended.”

Chiam – Pro Vibration Plate:

“Great product for fitness and comes with a good recipe book and exercise guide which I have been following. Lost 2kg already :D”

Anon – 4D Vibration Plate:

“I bought this on the recommendation of my physio as it might help strengthen weakened muscles. Easy to assemble and appears very robust. So far after 6 days I have experienced a difference in right leg – you do need to try the programmes and resist the temptation to go straight to high intensity! The vibrations take a little getting used to.”

Bluefin Fitness

If you have any questions or think you are someone who cannot use a vibration plate, we recommend you first seek medical advice. If you have any alternative questions about how our Plates can help you, contact our team. Email: fitness-support@bluefintrading.co.uk

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