Vibration Plate for Weight Loss


As you already know, vibration plates are becoming more and more popular in gyms. Users of vibrations plates simply love them because well, they reduce workout time, so it is a very welcome concept to people who struggle to do their workouts into busy days. So do they really work?
A vibration plate, vibrates in 2 or 3 (depending on the brand) directions, 15 to 75 times per second. So It increases gravitational forces on your body, and it’s known that a vibration plate’s use increases the quality of workouts performed while you are standing on it. There are two types of vibration plates, vertical and pivotal. And as you can imagine, the vibration that is caused by these machines is different as well. On a vertical machine, the platform moves up and down a short distance at a very high speed. While on a pivotal machine, the platform moves higher but slower. So which one is better?. In my opinion it comes down to simply preference. They are both cardio machines and extremely effective.

So how do they work?

When you stand on the machine, your body is forced with rapid muscle contractions to make adjusts to stay on the machine. Your muscles constantly have to react to maintain balance. By varying your stance, the frequency and the amplitude you can simply stretch, tone or get a nice relaxing massage using your platform.
That being said, vibration plate exercises are not simply aerobic. They are like weightlifting but without using any weights. So if used properly, this new technology can help obese or simply overweight people achieve weight loss and trim their unwanted belly fat. Some new studies show that overweight woman who regularly used a vibration machine and followed a diet, were far more successful at burning fat and losing weight. But there is one thing to consider, vibration plates aren’t magic. These are encouraging results of course, but it doesn’t mean anyone trying to lose weight can simply ditch exercises, workouts and jump on the nearest vibration plate! A vibration plate can be a very good alternative to weightlifting, but that is it. It won’t create miracles for you. So unfortunately you still need to follow a diet and eat healthy, low fat foods and of course exercise regularly in order to burn fat and achieve weight loss. Many people think vibration machines are for lazy people. And while it may look like simple a short cut, it won’t be easy if you are doing it right. People simply standing on a vibration plate, holding the handles should not expect any results. As you already know, no pain, no gain.


So after reading these results, you may be more than ready to try a vibration plate. However you should know that vibration plates must be used properly. They may look easy and simple but as any other workout, If it’s easy you are doing it wrong. if you are interested with vibration plate, it is better to work with a professional trainer, so that you can learn how to use a vibration plate correctly.

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