Vibrating Foam Roller | 5-Speed Deep Tissue Trigger Point Sports Massage

£129.99 £69.99

EFFECTIVE 5-SPEED VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY – Choose from 5 vibration intensities to apply the perfect amount of pressure through the high density textured foam, to relieve, relax and heal sore muscles and joints.
TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS – The Bluefin Fitness vibrating roller helps athletes reach peak performance. Whether you participate in weight lifting, Crossfit, yoga, cardio or running, this vibration roller becomes your personal massage therapist.
COMPACT AND RECHARGEABLE – At 32cm long and 14cm wide, the vibration roller is super portable. It fits conveniently inside your gym bag for instant relief after your workout.
DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE – The vibrating technology offers the ultimate pain relief and release of muscle tension. Ideal for physical therapy, back, calves, thigh, IT band, before and after running, yoga or any exercise.
2 YEAR MOTOR WARRANTY -The Bluefin Fitness vibration roller uses the highest quality materials and components. We are so sure you will love it, we offer a 2 year no questions asked warranty. Try the ultimate and unbeatable deep tissue massage experience from the best vibrating foam roller on the market today.