Kick 2.0: One of the Best Treadmills To Get You In Shape

Bluefin kick 2.0 treadmill

We’ve all been there, finishing off a hard day at work and the thought of either venturing out to the gym or heading outside for a walk fills you with dread. And let’s be honest we’ve all maxed out the number of walks we’ve been on this past year! It’s no secret that fitting in workouts around busy schedules can be tough at times, particularly with family commitments and work making it all the easier to drop your fitness routine when you’re tired and lacking spare time.

But there is a solution to this! Get ready to workout whenever it suits you at home with the Bluefin Fitness KICK 2.0 Innovative High-Speed Folding Treadmill! As a commercial-grade quality treadmill that is compact and easily folded away, the KICK 2.0 is everything and more that you’ll need to jump on for a quick run whenever you’ve got a spare 15 minutes or so, no matter how busy you are.

The Perfect Addition To Your Home Gym

If you’re looking for one piece of fitness equipment that does it all, the KICK 2.0 offers high-quality professional fitness performance from the comfort of home, so there’s no need to waste time heading to the gym. Engineered with a powerful yet virtually silent-drive 1100W DC Motor, you can hop onto the KICK 2.0 and walk, jog and run, without ever having to worry that you’re disturbing the neighbours or anyone else you live with! Meaning that if early morning or late evening workouts suit you best, no one will be any the wiser to your heart-pumping training. 

Ensuring that there aren’t any excuses preventing you from getting your workout in, the KICK 2.0 benefits from the latest in joint protection technology. Designed with a unique aero-damping system and an extra-large 5 layered anti-static track, every stride you take will be smooth, gentle and super low impact! So joint pain will never be a concern again!

And making the KICK 2.0 the perfect addition to your home gym is its foldable design making it easy to store away when not in use. Including integrated wheels for added portability and manoeuvrability! So no more leaving your fitness equipment in the middle of the room and letting it take up lots of space. Bulky home gym equipment is a thing of the past!

Easily Hit Those Fitness Goals

If you need a little assistance on the way to hitting those fitness goals, rest assured the KICK 2.0 is packed full of high-tech features to help you along the way! 

With an 18% Gradient incline, 12km/h max speed and 16 auto-programmes, you’ll always have a new challenge to push and motivate you whenever you jump onto this high-speed treadmill. You’ll also simultaneously be raising the bar on your cardiovascular health and burning even more calories than ever before! And if you’re looking for some help on getting started on cardio workouts, take a look at our previous post for inspiration: An Introduction to Cardio Workouts. 

Also featuring an LCD screen displaying your speed, calorie gauge, run time and distance, you’ll be sure to keep track of your progress. There’s also integrated hand sensors for heart rate monitoring and a Wireless Heart Rate Strap to see your overall fitness improve along the way. 

And like all of our Bluefin Fitness treadmills, the KICK 2.0 is Kinomap compatible! Bringing your training to life with immersive home workouts that’ll have you virtually running across the world, taking part in competitions, training with coaches, cycling with friends and being a part of a growing fitness community.

The 17 Best Treadmills to Get You In Shape!

But don’t just take our word for it. The KICK 2.0 has been recognised as one of the best treadmills on the market! And is a top contender for being the ‘best treadmill for home’. As well as the ‘best value treadmill on the market.’

Take a read of the latest review, comparing the KICK 2.0 with 17 of the best treadmills to get you in shape right now: 

So if you’re looking for an ultra-powerful realistic running experience from home, that’ll help motivate you to keep hitting those fitness goals. Get ready to throw your excuses away and get moving with the KICK 2.0!

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